Thursday, March 31, 2011

"Start your hunt"

Good Morning friends, again its a rainy day here in georgia.....I hope i have equipped u now with the tools to start your hunt and today that is exactly what we are starting.  First, i want you to get a blank piece of paper and at the top write  your name(remember, if u are married woman to put your maiden name)  that is your full name draw a line under draw a line down between your name and across like a T...on the left side write your mother's full name including maiden name and on the left your father's full name.  You can write down their dob or date of birth/death if u want.  Being we r trying to find a family to follow (if u haven't decided on one yet), keep following down with your mother's mother/father and so forth.  At this point do not fill in the children yet.  Is it getting hard???  yea, it is?  Work on this today and lets see how far u get.....Have a great day and talk tomorrow  cg

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