Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Genealogy FAQ's "Organization"

Hello hunters :))   how was your holiday weekend?   All rested up and ready to go hunting.....Today we r exploring the free on-line software to store all your hard work.   Familyecho.com is an easy, user-friendly software.   First you enter your name, then add your information, etc...  Register and sign in to save your work, add photos, share and download.   All the information inputed is private but can be read by other family members.   Remember, this is a free software.  Gramps-project.org is another free software, but you must down load it onto your computer.  Have a great day   cg

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Genealogy FAQ's "Organization" Other Paid/free sofware

Hello fellow hunters....R u on ur computers looking for the perfect paid/free software.   Free, that's what I like.  But today I am going to touch on some paid and some free software.  Software to record your genealogy lines are very personal to the individual.   Some like software with lots of features, others like it simple but productive.  Only u the reader can determine which software is perfect for u.  Besides, Ancestry.com here are a few you can look at and try.
1--Family tree.com
2--Familysearch.org (free)
3--grampsproject.org (free)
4--Legacy Family Tree.com(free)
5--Myhereitage.com (free)
Next week, I will explore with u each one.   Have a great memorial weekend...cg

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Genealogy FAQ's "Organization"

Hello Tuesday....getting closer to Memorial Weekend!   What r ur plans for this weekend?   I would love to hear from u....R u going genealogy hunting?  Today, r topic is computer organization.   There r a
lot of products out there for beginner genealogists to put their data on.  By far, Ancestry.com is the best.  U can build a tree, add pictures, tell a story about the past..U can search and then add it to the tree, others can search and help u too.  If u r looking for a whole package, ancestry.com I would recommend.   However, there r others out there that r paid and some that r free which I will start to explore.    cg

Monday, May 23, 2011

Genealogy FAQ's "Organization"

Hello everyone, Happy Monday!   Did u all going hunting this weekend?   Did u find anything?   I went looking for a tombstone and didnt find what i wanted so back to the drawing board :))
b)  Keep your forms "handy" when you get home from the hunt.   U should have taken some with u to fill out the citations.   Get some 3 rung binders for the surname and divide into given names.   Put the appropriate forms with the given and surname.   Group sheets are the best.   I personally have a working group sheet and the "final copy" group sheet I know is correct with citations.   Review the sheets often and keep asking yourself questions cg

Friday, May 20, 2011

Genealogy FAQ's "Organization"

"Help" how do I get organized after hunting?  This is a tough question to summarize.   So, I will take it in parts.
A..Always keep your thoughts on the big picture.  When researching,  u can sometimes lose trace of the big picture.   If u had a day out at a cemetery and come home and before u plan another day out, organize what u found out the day before--utilize your forms and fill out all the information -- have a great weekend..Where r u going this weekend?   I am going cemetery hunting.   cg

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Genealogy Resources "Historical Newspapers"

Wow, what a gr8 resource of information!!   I just love historical newspapers.   This is my personal favorite.  It tells u everything u need 2 know about your ancestor.   It gives birth announcements, death announcements, marriage information, criminal information.     It is a wealth of information!  It clues u in to how your ancestors lived, went to church, got married, had picnics, graduated oh so much....  Beware to always confirm the information u find.   Sometimes, the newspaper can confirm information you obtained from other sources.    Verify, Verify, Verify all the information you find in a newspaper.  There are great resources on line for finding historical newspapers.   Try your local or state library!   Have a fun Thursday.   cg

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Genealogy Resource State College Library

Morning!   Do u have a State College Library near u?   If u do take advantage of its resources.   It is a great genealogical resource.  First, go online and check it out.   See what it has to offer.   Take a day trip there but be prepared and organized before u go with dates and pens, papers.....etc....Sometimes, if u can get the info online, the price of gas today outweighs the trip.   Have a great day   cg

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Courthouse Records - Genealogy Resources

Its Tuesday, good morning!    When did my ancestor get married?  What was the date of his/her birth?  Did he/she have a will and to whom did they leave all their worldly goods to?  Did Jane and Jack divorce?  These questions can be answered at the Courthouse.   Probate court has marriage records, wills, guardianship.  This office is the most significant to us as genealogist and researchers.  Land records can also be found at the county court.   Did Jane own land?   If u r asking these questions, take a trip to your county courthouse and research the answers.   But be prepared when u go with pencils, paper, questions, also get the times they r open and if there are fees involved.   Good luck and if u get a minute, let me know how it went.   cg

Monday, May 16, 2011

Genealogy Resource Historical Societies

Good Monday Morning - hope u had a wonderful weekend.   Did u do any genealogical hunting?   Would love to hear ur thoughts -- Today we r going to talk about Historical Societies as a resource to your research.  Do u belong to one?  Do u have one in ur hometown or the town u r researching.  First thing, go to your historical society on line and read what they have to offer.   Many societies offer a variety of  services including papers, diaries, books, maps, portraits and so much more......Many societies also offer classes to learn about the history of the area and genealogy.  If you can join ur local society and get involved, you will benefit in many many ways.  cg

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions - Cemeteries

Cemeteries r another great resource for finding out information.   However, if u do find a relative in a cemetery please take a good digital camera with u to take pictures of the grave, surrounding graves (maybe other relatives r buried there) and the location of the grave.   Also, take a pictures of the name of the cemetery entrance.  I have been stuck on 3 graves I cannot find in a cemetery that I know they r buried (obit states it).   The caretakers of the cemetery cannot even find them.   Beware, older graves sometimes can be hidden in the oldest part of the cemetery.  Good luck this summer, if hunting graves is on your to do list.   cg

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions?? Library as a resource

FAQ's - What's at the library for us as a genealogist?  At the library, you can find books about your city/county.History on your city/County.  Lets take my library, Newton County Library, you can access to Ancestryplus.com and Heritage Quest.  You can also find census, soundex, revolutionary ware and conferderate veterans rosters, local newspapers back to 1868, georgia death index, county history and official records of the confederate and union armies.  Items cannot be checked out but photo copiers are available.  Most items can be found in the Pines Catalog @ www.gapines.org.  Have a great day   cg

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions??

Its Tuesday and we are continuing Frequently Asked Questions?  #3 What r the best internet resources. Ans. Check my 4-8-11 Friday blog.  I list the top 13.   #4 What r the different resources for locating or starting your genealogy. Ans. To start your genealogy hunt below r the top resources I have found.
2..internet - free web sites
3..internet - $ pd web sites (ancestry.com) (sometimes this outweighs the price of gas)
4..library - both local and state college library
5..cemeteries - gravestones
6..historical societies
7..local/state courthouse for land, vital and census records

see ya tomorrow hunters   cg

Monday, May 9, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions??

Good Morning Hunters, what a beautiful May day!!  How was your weekend and your mothers day?  Mine was just great!  This morning, lets get back to Frequently Asked Questions?  
#2 What r the best resources?
Answer:  Relatives.  Yes, the ones u visited this weekend.   Did u see grandma at Mom's house.   Did u talk with her about her life.   About her father?  Talking and recording information is the best start and resource.   They can give u clues that help your search so that u can start filling in the blanks.   Tomorrow, we will talk about the next best resource.   Of course, its the internet.  see ya tomorrow   cg

Friday, May 6, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we all glad it is Friday?  The weekend is here.   Are you going relative or cemetery visiting this weekend?  Today I am going to talk about frequently asked questions from newbies.  We all were new at genealogy at one time.  I know I was and wished at that time there were blogs like this for me to learn from.
1.. What r references? Why r they important?
    A..  Resources in genealogy are where u found the information such as in the census, with relatives (please name them) cemetery grave (birth/death dates), actual birth/death certificates.  u get my gist.  Why r they important because it shows the reader that u have verified the information u r recording with actual documents.   It is always important 2 try and verify information relatives give u with the actual documents. Dont forget to record the actual date that u either talked with the relative or found the document.   Have a great weekend and happy hunting  cg

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Community - Blogs

Community - Blogs

"Family Tree Magazine" on Facebook

Hello fellow hunters, its thursday already....r. u getting prepared for the weekend?  Just a little incentive today!  Family Tree Magazine has a great offer on Facebook.   I know u all r members of facebook.   "Like"  Family Tree Magazine and check out Geni.com.  Geni.com is a free family tree setup which I can go over soon.  But today go to facebook," like" family tree magazine, signup for geni.com and under comments in Family Tree Magazine write" how u started your genealogy journey."   This is only until May 8th, so do it today!   Wouldnt it be gr8 to win the geni Pro.com.  Please also copy ur journey to me too, I would love to hear about it.   You will find mine on their too.  see ya Friday.   cg

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

I've rated the free websites

Good morning!  Today I am giving u my rating of the 13 free websites we have gone over in the past two weeks.  I have rated 1 ......10 with 10 being great.  I hope each and everyone of u have gone in and explored each free website.  If u find another one and there r thousands, please let me know.   So, here we go!
2..worldgenweb.org.....no rating

see ya all tomorrow   cg

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Genealogy (love of the hunt) by CeirraGeorgia: Interment.net

Genealogy (love of the hunt) by CeirraGeorgia: Interment.net: "Hello fellow hunters, how is your Tuesday morning going? Mine is doing well.... Interment.net is another free website on graves. Remember..."


Hello fellow hunters, how is your Tuesday morning going?  Mine is doing well....  Interment.net is another free website on graves.  Remember graves tell us a story of birth and death.   Lets search and see what we get.  Check out the sponsor links also.   You can also browse cemeteries in your counties u r researching.   Have u hit a brick wall with regards to cemeteries.  I have been searching for 2 particular graves.  I know where they r suppose to be but the records show a gap in the date.   I have been there physically and still cannot find them.  I have even, yes a psychic has tried to help, but all she said was they were there in a very very old spot.  Any ideas out there?  see ya all tomorrow.   Post if u r having same problems with cemeteries.

Monday, May 2, 2011


Good Monday Morning!   Hope ur weekend was gr8 exploring your relatives.  This website "distantcousin.com" looks promising.   Make sure u put in ur surname n see what comes out --this free website seems 2 link 2 others like rootsweb and ss Death Index.  It brings together obits, city directories, census, ships list and more.   It adds new ones all the time.  As we close in on the last few I found, that if u r short on funds, free websites I want to say that Ancestry.com is by far the best one.  If u have the funds, Ancestry.com brings all these free ones together in one place.  See ya tomorrow   cg