Friday, April 29, 2011

The weekend is here hunters.   R we hunting for more information about r relatives?  R we taking a day trip to a cemetery?  Is sounds like a great idea to me.   Lets go over r next free website "  First, become a member.   Send away for a free find grave sticker.  U can look for a famous grave, if interested.  Lets look for our relatives.  If u have pictures u can add ur own.  U can also look for 1.  Have fun.   I love looking in cemetaries, it makes it soooo real.  Best way to look is to type in surname only.  Check back often at this free website.  Have a gr8 weekend and happy hunting   cg

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its Thursday morning, hello fellow hunters.   U in the south, r prayers r with u as u clean up from the storm.  Personally, no damage to me....Lets move onto  This website generates alot of pops when u type in your surname.  Guess u have to just sift thru them.   I like the timeline.   If u click on a time it pops up everything to do with your surname and that time period.  If u do find something, please remember to reference it in your papers.  Also, make sure u read the help section of this website.   By doing so, it saves time. Genealogy is alot of research, so any time u can save u need to.  Check out the FAQ section.   Really good.  There is also an advanced search.   If nothing pops, u can try that.This is a real neat free site.   If u get anything, please email or comment.   I would love to hear the results.   cg

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Morning everyone, just 2 let u know at the end, I will rate thefree websites in my opinion from 1 - 10 being 10 the best.   If u have a free website u like to share, please email me or visit my website at  Newspapers tell a story about the lives of ur ancestors.   Births, deaths, marriages, events that happen.   I personally love finding my relatives in newspapers.  It tells of their lives.   If u know where they lived and what newspaper served that community, it is gr8.   Lets get on with it, 1st it give u a list of countries u can search.   Do u know yours?  It is a wealth of information.   Newspapers started around 1704 with Boston, Mass being the 1st.   Do u go back 2 1704.   Mine were in Ireland at that time.   Wow!!  Lets try the US.  Try all the countries that u know where ur relatives lived.  2nd  Register and sign up for the newsletter.   I am trying Canada too.  Happy hunting.  email me with your results.  Beware of the advertisements on the page such as   That is a paid subscription.   Be also aware that some of them have separate websites they take u too.   Talk tomorrow   cg

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Its tuesday already.   Did anyone find this website?  U cannot use it on Google Chrome I found.  So, I switched to Firefox and found it. is also a free website associated with   Lets try r surname and see what happens.   I didnt get any hits, U?   U can high lite states and see what different links they have 2 offer.   Note:   u have 2 search within state individually 4 results.  Lets try  -- Another phase of this website is Native American.  It is a gr8 source if u have native american roots.  They also give u a good source if interested in DNA.   See u tomorrow.   Please post any successes u have with these free websites.  cg

Monday, April 25, 2011 cont

Hello Happy Hunters.   Hope this Monday finds u with tons of information.   Did u write it down and organize it. I did.  Now is the time for u to do just that.   Lets move on wit some more from   Did u enter your surname.   Did u register.   This is a free website and is a wealth of information.   Did u find any?  R u confused?   Dont be??   Move on down the list -- Mailing list Archives - Search - Find anything.   There r alot of ads so try n stay on rootsweb.  Let me know how u did with this free site.  Lets move onto the next free site for tomorrow.   Try it out tonite.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter Weekend

The weekend is here.  R u going to go visit relatives for Easter?  It is a great time to chit chat with them about past Easters.  If u have time this weekend, scoot on over to Rootsweb and add ur surname so others can find u. Make sure u have verified all ur info.  Make sure ur uptodate on ur forms.   Dont 4get to take them with u to the relatives.  Have a joyous Easter and see u on Monday!  cg

Thursday, April 21, 2011 cont'd

Good morning hunters.   How was it yesterday with rootsweb.   did u learn alot?  R u ready 2 learn more or do u need more time.  Lets try another seearch engine within.  Rootsweb surname list or rsl.   1st lets search the Rsl and 2nd lets add r own.  RSL type ur surname, location.   Anything pop up?  Please let me know how u r doing?  I love to hear from u all.  I found some, going into and verifying if the information, if relates to me.  Tomorrow, we will add r own surname.   Make sure u r prepared.   See ya friday.   cg

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Its Wednesday already.  How has ur week been?   Catch any relatives old or New??  When u get 2 ur new free website,, it is always smart 2 read "getting started".  This website is sharing with others your tree and finding out if others have anything in common with your tree.  Try joining a mailing list or start one of your own.   Lets pop our surname in the bottom box and see what we find.   There is alot of information here at rootsweb.   The best advice I can give is explore each page and see if it is useful to u.   So lets click on searches after u have read.  "Searchy thing" is the search 4 sitewide.  Lets try all of the searches listed.   I got a hit from World Connect project, how about u?  But, as I scroll down, there is nothing that matches.  I got a hit on ss index.   I found 2 with same name.   Different birth/death.   Which is which?   Maybe father/son?  Tune in tomorrow for more on Rootsweb.   cg

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Good Tuesday Morning :)  What is u ask?  Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.  This is a website "free"  to have volunteers look up such items as death records, marriage records, land records, wills, baptismal records from churches, cemetery information such as photos of tombstones, military records, obituaries and the list goes on on on.  Or, u yourself can volunteer to look up items in your county and state.  One hand washes the other a great motto.  It asks that u volunteer only 1 day a month.   Come on, we can all give up one day.  Think of all the fun it would be and it would be helping another.  Have any of u out there, volunteered and helped someone.  I would love to hear from u about ur experience.  Personally, I just signed up and am excited about it.  I also, bought a bag/journal to keep this site up and running.  You can too.  Hope to hear from u.  cg

Monday, April 18, 2011


Good Happy Monday fellow hunters.  I trust ur weekend was fun.   Did u capture any gr8 information from your relatives.  Wood love to hear from u.   Please send me ur stories.  Onto  at the opening page there is a form for u to start ur search.  U can search 1--historical records--family trees-library catalog.   Lets try ur surname and see what pops up.   Oh, b4 I 4get I got a email on my surname and they spelled it different.   Remember 2 try all variations of spelling.   Back to the search.   What did u get?  I got nothing on my first try.   This does happen so keep trying.   Happy hunting   cg

Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi fellow hunters....Today, is thursday and k friday too.  I am going to combine yesterday and today blog together but separate.  Thursday,   Another free website to continue your hunt.  Please make sure u put in the .org, otherwise another website will come up.  When u first open, make sure u register and watch the tutorials.   learn, learn, learn.  In the upper righthand corner u can type your surname.   I am coming up empty.  Maybe u have better luck.  Make sure u try all the surnames u r researching and check back frequently.

Friday, ""   Another great free website.  Like all the free websites, make sure u  browse the index and all that cyndi has to offer.  In the main Index there r different categories or like me search whole site.  try it.   However, if u do have specific areas, this a a gr8 start.   Good luck.   Remember, to go visiting this weekend 2 relatives who u might have missed and let them tell u stories of old.  Happy hunting.   cg

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Highlights of

It is humpy day already and we r talking about the next free website on my list.  When u open this website, there is a link that says "How 2 get started"  this is a Must read.  In order for this website to be useful, u must know your oldest known Ancestor.  Wow, do we know this at this point.  I dont.  How about u?  If u r lucky and u do, explore this website and we will get back to it in the near future.  If ur like me, lets move onto the next free website and explore.  However, keep in the back of your mind, cause we will be on the list of  Explore it today, and we will explore together tomorrow.  happy exploring   cg

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Morning all genealogy hunters :)  R u ready for another free website?  Am I going too fast?  A lot of info isnt it -- so.....tell u what, I will go onto and just let u explore on your own.   Ask me any questions and tomorrow, will go into some highlites.  see ya tomorrow, happy exploring

Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello folks, I know its late today.  What can I say, its Monday.....So we talked about free websites last week and this week we are going to explore them together 1 at a time.  Todays is  Type that in your browser.  Lets click a state, New York for mine, oh before I go on dont forget to read the home page, lots of  important information.  K, New York State, now the county, Montgomery,   Check on the right for query boards, might find one for your surname.  My county is broken up into towns.  is yours?  if u dont know the county, try "search just site"  They also list related sights u can use.  U will also find useful info as to "How to get started", forms, etc....It is worth checking out.  Remember, its free.  Links, they have.  They are all useful to you and your search.  Have u tried your surname yet.  Try treasure maps, the "How-to genealogy www site"  I could go on and on with this free site but you need to experience yourself.  Happy hunting.   cg

Friday, April 8, 2011

Free Websites

OMG its friday again.  Welcome back to my blog.   As promised, I listing 13 free sites for u to try this weekend.  Happy Hunting.  Don't forget to go visit those relatives!
1- (RandomActs of genealogical kindness)

Happy Hunting!  Enjoy!   cg

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Genealogy (love of the hunt) by CeirraGeorgia: "Civil War Era" 1861-1869"

Genealogy (love of the hunt) by CeirraGeorgia: "Civil War Era" 1861-1869": "Happy Thursday folks - I know I promised some free internet searches for u but today, I am going to change up a little and tell u that if u ..."

"Civil War Era" 1861-1869"

Happy Thursday folks - I know I promised some free internet searches for u but today, I am going to change up a little and tell u that if u have some folks u r researching in the 1861 - 1869 era, the men may have been in the civil war.  I am telling u this because has a free civil war search thats right free until April 14th.  I thought it best for your hunt that u be aware of this and take advantage.  Happy hunting thru the civil war.  See ya all TGIF, friday.  love cg

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Help Help Help

Have you come to a halt yet?  I have...Cannot find anything on  So I am going to start searching other Free websites for her name.  USGENWEB is a free site for everystate.  So I am going to try searching for her there.  It has also come to my attention that she may have died under another name which means she may have gotten married again.  I am rechecking the ss death index for the new name.  If you need a little help send me a comment and I'll steer you in the right direction.  See ya'all tomorrow with another free website to try.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Newspapers help with the hunt"

Happy Tuesday folks. How was the hunt? Did u find anything out? usually has a trial period. Did u try it? Would love to know how it went--did u search the marriage index for the male. If u find him, u'll find the female. In my case, I know the maiden name but that is all. Think about her approximate birthdate. Dont get frustrated, dont give up. I couldnt find anything either spelling her name Katherine or Catherine. I found a article in a newspaper of a car accident and they spelled her name with a "C" and her age, so now I got her approximate birth year, husband's birthyear and her 2 children and ages. I got alot from this article. Newspapers give a wealth of information. Happy hunting today! cg

Monday, April 4, 2011

Where do I start?

Its Monday, How was was your weekend?  Did u go visiting--If not, I'll remind u next weekend.  By now you know whom (surname) your going 2 research so its time 2 go hunting.  Today, I want to talk about your particular surname u r hunting.  Whether it be on your mother's/father's side.  First step in hunting is 2 get 2 know something about him/her.  Did u get the birth/death date?  Did u find out where he lived?  Lets explore this a little more....Lets say u know nothing about her.   We r going to use my names as examples.  Katherine Vanalstye Mykel.  If u have access to  That would be my first place.  If u dont, try a free online search in google such as Katherine Vanalstyne Mykel/genealogy.  Try to find free search engines for your name.  Tomorrow will talk about what u found.  Have a great Monday

Friday, April 1, 2011


Happy Friday....have u decided on a surname 2 follow yet?  How far back did u get with your tree.  This is a start.  Since the weekend is here, this is your homework....go visiting your relatives, very old or very knowledgeable and collect info trying to fill in those blanks...right down stories, anything you can ... everything you can but don't tire the older relatives although they will probably tire u out....they will welcome ur visit and to revisit the older days...they may even have pictures...take your digital camera with u and take some of ur own...go home and organize all the information u got..dont 4get to write down the relatives as resources.  Happy visiting....see ya all monday   cg