Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Genealogy "Searching the databases"

Hello fellow hunters.   Let move on today to how you search databases.   Always check on the  home menu on how to search.   Doing this first will save u time and frustration.   Don't be in a hurry when searching.  A good number of the databases allow flexibility.   Wild cards, partial names, soundex.
a..Wildcards - what r wildcards?  usually it is a *.   Say for example you have the name Robert Glasgow.  To search using a wildcard would be Robert Glas*.
b..Soundex converter is usually with the census.   Censuses workers had different handwritting and sometimes the people didnt even know how to spell their name.  You can also identify the spelling variations for a given surname.  Example..soundex for glasgow is G420.   Some other names that have that exact soundex is gales, galik, gallehawk, giles, gilhaus, gilkey, gilles.......u get the picture.
c.  Part of the name...example Robert would be rob.  Any comments or questions, bring it on?   cg

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