Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Genealogy (Love of the Hunt)

Hello everyone.  I have been doing the Free Friday Genealogy Question for quite some time.   If you have a question just comment the question to me and I'll reply as soon as I can.   To continue with the Google Search operators:   ~ tilde sign, this operator's used for synonym.  U put ~ tilde in front of ur search term and it will give u synonyms of that word.   Example:   train ~ history would give results of railroad history, railroad past.   Also glasgow ~ genealogy would bring u results of Glasgow family tree, Glasgow and family history and even Glasgow surname.   Try it and see what u get!    cg


  1. Can you request a deceased person’s birth certificate?
    I’m trying to do my family tree, and need more information about my Mother. On the birth certificate request form it asks for a current legal photo ID. This certificate is not for my birth, but my deceased mother.

  2. If I don’t meet the requirements to get a copy of my deceased mother’s birth certificate, are there other certificates I can request that has information about my mother on it?

  3. Is it possible for a Black/African American person to trace their family tree all the way back to Adam and Eva? Or can they only go back so far; because of slavery?

    1. Thank you for your question. I think we all wish we could trace our genealogy back to Adam and Eve regardless of race. Slavery does make it difficult to trace African Americans but it is not impossible. There are some genealogist that specialize in tracing African Americans. My motto is that if there are records out there, I will find them.

  4. Thank you for your questions regarding birth certificate for your mother. Unfortunately, there is no magic answer to meeting the state's vital record rules. If you really need the birth record of your mother, I suggest that you go to the clerk or deputy clerk in the local or state vital records office with a logical and reasonable explanation for the need of a birth record. Sometimes pleading your case will yield a one time shot at getting a copy of the birth record. Sometimes a family attorney merely writing on your behalf can get results. California and Illinois have started issuing a uncertified copy of a birth certificate clearly stamped "not valid for identification." If you are looking for birth certificate for the name of her mother/father, try finding her in the 1930 census. The 1940 census will be out in April. You can find the census records at your local library or on