Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Genealogy (Love of the Hunt)

Wow, its Wednesday already.   We are nearing the Fourth of July and going full swing into summer.  Last week on Free Friday Genealogy Question,  I got a great question from Ezri:    Ezri writes:   my grandmother turned 100 when I was a child and I remember a newspaper article about her turning 100.  The year would have been August 22, 1946 paper in either Davidson County or Cheatham County, TN.  Can you tell me how to go about finding that article?
Ezri, great question about locating an article in a historical paper.   First thing is to locate your grandmother in the 1940 census to find out exactly what City and County she lived in.  If you cannot find her in 1940 census because it has not been indexed yet, try the 1930 census.  When you find out exactly what city and county she lived in, the next step would be to see what papers were published in that city and county.  Unfortunately, only a fraction of newspapers are visible online and old fashioned hard work will be needed to find this article.  You can also go to the local library in the city and county she lived and ask to see the microfilm of the newspaper for the month/year the article would be published.   Nashville Public Library ( might be a place to start.  The following is a list of available historical newspapers on file at the Nashville Library.
E:6 Nashville Banner
B:8 Nashville Globe African-American
H:7 Nashville Good News Weekly
H:8 Nashville Record
Nashville Tennessean
H:10 Tennessee Register Catholic (Nashville)
H:10 Trades and Labor News trade union

Hopes this helps Ezri. cga

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  1. Thank You for the valuable insight. I lucked out I have a Family Page on Facebook that I posted the query about the article, low and behold my Aunt had the Article folded neatly in her Bible. She's making me a copy any sending it. I'll post the article when I get it. The creative juices were really flowing after I asked the question, Thanks.