Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Genealogy (Love of the Hunt)

As we go full swing into the summer months,  are you thinking about taking a Genealogy trip out of town.   Are you planning to go to the State and National Archives, State College Libraries, out of town cemeteries, out of town Probate Court Office?  Wherever you go, you will need a survival kit and be well prepared.  Before you plan this trip however, ask yourself, can i find this information out at my local library or maybe I can order through the local LDS Family History Center, the microfilm I need?  Searching for your family records in your ancestor’s local town or city should only be done after you are sure you cannot acquire the records through easily accessible means.  Do you want to spend the time and money traveling when you can access the information on-line?  After careful planning, make a survival kit. Follow tomorrow as we continue with the survival kit. cga

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