Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Genealogy Bug

In today's busy society and with the way the economy is, Genealogy is the farthest thought from your mind.  Who cares how my ancestors from 100 years ago lived.  I need to survive in today's world.  I need to go to work, take care of my family, worry about whether the car will start, or how my son/daughter are doing in school.  Sometimes, though, we need to take a break from everyday stress and appreciate what we have.   100 years ago cars were new, there were no televisions, iPods, cell phones or computers.  Your ancestors too had worries but it all boils down to how they survived and lived their life.

I caught this bug called Genealogy when my first child was just months old, he is now 35.  My mother introduced me to Genealogy.  I would look at her and my thoughts were, I need to feed my baby not tramp through cemeteries with her to look and record births and deaths of my long dead relatives.  I humored mom and before long I was in love with "Genealogy".

This week we are hunting for our ancestors.  We don't know where this hunt will take us.  However, before we begin we need to learn how to hunt and the tools we will need to make it successful.  Every week I will be right here talking about Genealogy and how to hunt for your ancestors.  Every week I will give you tips on how to be successful, how to break through brick walls. cga

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