Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Courthouse Records - Genealogy Resources

Its Tuesday, good morning!    When did my ancestor get married?  What was the date of his/her birth?  Did he/she have a will and to whom did they leave all their worldly goods to?  Did Jane and Jack divorce?  These questions can be answered at the Courthouse.   Probate court has marriage records, wills, guardianship.  This office is the most significant to us as genealogist and researchers.  Land records can also be found at the county court.   Did Jane own land?   If u r asking these questions, take a trip to your county courthouse and research the answers.   But be prepared when u go with pencils, paper, questions, also get the times they r open and if there are fees involved.   Good luck and if u get a minute, let me know how it went.   cg

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