Friday, May 6, 2011

Frequently Asked Questions

Are we all glad it is Friday?  The weekend is here.   Are you going relative or cemetery visiting this weekend?  Today I am going to talk about frequently asked questions from newbies.  We all were new at genealogy at one time.  I know I was and wished at that time there were blogs like this for me to learn from.
1.. What r references? Why r they important?
    A..  Resources in genealogy are where u found the information such as in the census, with relatives (please name them) cemetery grave (birth/death dates), actual birth/death certificates.  u get my gist.  Why r they important because it shows the reader that u have verified the information u r recording with actual documents.   It is always important 2 try and verify information relatives give u with the actual documents. Dont forget to record the actual date that u either talked with the relative or found the document.   Have a great weekend and happy hunting  cg

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