Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Its Wednesday already.  How has ur week been?   Catch any relatives old or New??  When u get 2 ur new free website,, it is always smart 2 read "getting started".  This website is sharing with others your tree and finding out if others have anything in common with your tree.  Try joining a mailing list or start one of your own.   Lets pop our surname in the bottom box and see what we find.   There is alot of information here at rootsweb.   The best advice I can give is explore each page and see if it is useful to u.   So lets click on searches after u have read.  "Searchy thing" is the search 4 sitewide.  Lets try all of the searches listed.   I got a hit from World Connect project, how about u?  But, as I scroll down, there is nothing that matches.  I got a hit on ss index.   I found 2 with same name.   Different birth/death.   Which is which?   Maybe father/son?  Tune in tomorrow for more on Rootsweb.   cg

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