Friday, April 15, 2011


Hi fellow hunters....Today, is thursday and k friday too.  I am going to combine yesterday and today blog together but separate.  Thursday,   Another free website to continue your hunt.  Please make sure u put in the .org, otherwise another website will come up.  When u first open, make sure u register and watch the tutorials.   learn, learn, learn.  In the upper righthand corner u can type your surname.   I am coming up empty.  Maybe u have better luck.  Make sure u try all the surnames u r researching and check back frequently.

Friday, ""   Another great free website.  Like all the free websites, make sure u  browse the index and all that cyndi has to offer.  In the main Index there r different categories or like me search whole site.  try it.   However, if u do have specific areas, this a a gr8 start.   Good luck.   Remember, to go visiting this weekend 2 relatives who u might have missed and let them tell u stories of old.  Happy hunting.   cg

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