Monday, April 11, 2011

Hello folks, I know its late today.  What can I say, its Monday.....So we talked about free websites last week and this week we are going to explore them together 1 at a time.  Todays is  Type that in your browser.  Lets click a state, New York for mine, oh before I go on dont forget to read the home page, lots of  important information.  K, New York State, now the county, Montgomery,   Check on the right for query boards, might find one for your surname.  My county is broken up into towns.  is yours?  if u dont know the county, try "search just site"  They also list related sights u can use.  U will also find useful info as to "How to get started", forms, etc....It is worth checking out.  Remember, its free.  Links, they have.  They are all useful to you and your search.  Have u tried your surname yet.  Try treasure maps, the "How-to genealogy www site"  I could go on and on with this free site but you need to experience yourself.  Happy hunting.   cg

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