Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Good Morning everyone, just 2 let u know at the end, I will rate thefree websites in my opinion from 1 - 10 being 10 the best.   If u have a free website u like to share, please email me or visit my website at  Newspapers tell a story about the lives of ur ancestors.   Births, deaths, marriages, events that happen.   I personally love finding my relatives in newspapers.  It tells of their lives.   If u know where they lived and what newspaper served that community, it is gr8.   Lets get on with it, 1st it give u a list of countries u can search.   Do u know yours?  It is a wealth of information.   Newspapers started around 1704 with Boston, Mass being the 1st.   Do u go back 2 1704.   Mine were in Ireland at that time.   Wow!!  Lets try the US.  Try all the countries that u know where ur relatives lived.  2nd  Register and sign up for the newsletter.   I am trying Canada too.  Happy hunting.  email me with your results.  Beware of the advertisements on the page such as   That is a paid subscription.   Be also aware that some of them have separate websites they take u too.   Talk tomorrow   cg

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