Thursday, April 28, 2011

Its Thursday morning, hello fellow hunters.   U in the south, r prayers r with u as u clean up from the storm.  Personally, no damage to me....Lets move onto  This website generates alot of pops when u type in your surname.  Guess u have to just sift thru them.   I like the timeline.   If u click on a time it pops up everything to do with your surname and that time period.  If u do find something, please remember to reference it in your papers.  Also, make sure u read the help section of this website.   By doing so, it saves time. Genealogy is alot of research, so any time u can save u need to.  Check out the FAQ section.   Really good.  There is also an advanced search.   If nothing pops, u can try that.This is a real neat free site.   If u get anything, please email or comment.   I would love to hear the results.   cg

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