Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Good Tuesday Morning :)  What is RAOGK.org u ask?  Random Acts of Genealogical Kindness.  This is a website "free"  to have volunteers look up such items as death records, marriage records, land records, wills, baptismal records from churches, cemetery information such as photos of tombstones, military records, obituaries and the list goes on on on.  Or, u yourself can volunteer to look up items in your county and state.  One hand washes the other a great motto.  It asks that u volunteer only 1 day a month.   Come on, we can all give up one day.  Think of all the fun it would be and it would be helping another.  Have any of u out there, volunteered and helped someone.  I would love to hear from u about ur experience.  Personally, I just signed up and am excited about it.  I also, bought a bag/journal to keep this site up and running.  You can too.  Hope to hear from u.  cg

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