Monday, April 18, 2011


Good Happy Monday fellow hunters.  I trust ur weekend was fun.   Did u capture any gr8 information from your relatives.  Wood love to hear from u.   Please send me ur stories.  Onto  at the opening page there is a form for u to start ur search.  U can search 1--historical records--family trees-library catalog.   Lets try ur surname and see what pops up.   Oh, b4 I 4get I got a email on my surname and they spelled it different.   Remember 2 try all variations of spelling.   Back to the search.   What did u get?  I got nothing on my first try.   This does happen so keep trying.   Happy hunting   cg


  1. I found the film number for the marriage of my Spencer Reynolds in Georgia.
    FS was friendly to me this weekend.

  2. Isnt it great when we find something. I just love it.